Imam Sofian

Imam Sofian, who was born in Mataram on April 16th 1976, graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Mataram (UNRAM),majoring in Administrative Law in 2000. In college, Imam was actively involved in various organizations and has served as chairman of the Student Senate of UNRAMs Faculty of Law (1997), as chairman of the Student Representative UNRAMs Faculty of Law (1998) and as the Student Senate presidium (2007). He was one of the coordinators of the Supplementation with Multiple Micronutrient Intervention Trial (SUMMIT) in 2000-2003.

Afterward, he worked with a health Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that focuses on HIV in Burnet Institute. His involvement in SUMMIT and his experience of working in NGOs encoureged him to explore the field of law. He expected to develop his previous study on the field of law that may give supports to health service for all people in the context of improving the quality of human resources. In 2009 he was awarded a SUMMIT scholarship to take a master degree in Business Law at the Faculty of Law in UNRAM. His thesis was on patients position in the therapeutic agreement through informed consent in health care. He recently established a law firm (Imam Sofian, SH, MH & Associates). In the midst of his busy life as a lawyer, the man known as a tennis athlete is also a coordinator of film critic organization. He also provides education for poor by building a free school (Alang-Alang School) in Sesela using the Montessori method.