Our Board of Directors, Executive Board, and Supervisory and Monitoring Board come from various backgrounds including medicine, health research, education and management. Members of the Senior Management Team (SMT) also come from a wide range of backgrounds, including medicine, public health, veterinary science, education, management, and business administration.


Patron and Advisory Board Members

1. Dr. Roy Tjiong (Chair of Patrons)
Senior Manager, Resources Management and Development Consultants (REMDEC)

2. Dr. Soesbandoro, MD, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology (SpOG)

3. Dr. Anuraj Shankar, DSc
Senior Scientist, Harvard School of Public Health

4. Dr. Reny Bunjamin, MD, MPH
General Practitioner, Head of Information Center for Health and Family Protection

5. Marcella Pierce, MPH
Public Health Consultant


Supervisors and Monitoring Board Members:

1. Josephine K. Dinarkinanti Kadha, Mdev (Chair)
Expertise: Human Resources and Development Management

2. Dini K. Prihatini, MSi
Expertise: Monitoring and Evaluation


Executive Board:

1. Mandri S. Apriatni, MDM
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Background: Education, Management

2. Sudirman, MSc
Position: Chief Secretary Officer
Background: Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandary, Science education

3. Ir. Iswidhani, MQIH

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Lecturer and Researcher, Mataram Health Polytechnique Institute