Project Coordinator

Rana Islamiah Zahroh, BSc

Rana Islamiah Zahroh, BSc, is the THRIVE/OpenSRP Project Coordinator of SID. She graduated from Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) with a degree in Biological Sciences (Neuroscience stream). She has been the Team Lead for various projects and organizations, and presented her work with SID at multiple conferences on mHealth and ICT. Previously, she led field implementation at the THRIVE Indonesia site, and was later promoted to the position of Lead Coordinator. Her current work with the Summit Institute of Development involves developing an integrated information system to track interactions between community members and front line workers for health, family planning, and early childhood development and cognition. This enables a new approach to public health by creating a client-centered focus through real time use of information for targeted and integrated care delivery. Her goal is to foster thriving populations in new ways using human centered information technology.

Vice Project Coordinator

Moya Aritisna

Moya Aritisna is currently the THRIVE/OpenSRP Vice Coordinator. She helps to plan, execute and monitored the project implementation, as well as maintaining relationship with the local and national stakeholders. She also is the SID liaison with the West Nusa Tenggara Government for the GEN 2025 Project. Before joining SID, Moya graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada – Indonesia, majoring clinical psychology and served as a Psychologist in several places. Her interest is on adult psychological disorder and Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) issues. Moya love to travel and meet new people. Her favorite quote at the moment is, “Hard work never betrays”.

Science Team Coordinator

Siti Robiatul Adawiyah

Siti Robiatul Adawiyah is a Research Assistant in SID and currently officiates as Science Team Coordinator in Thrive-OpenSRP Project. As a Science Officer, her work is mostly supporting the Tech, Data and Field team. She helps with creating concept and design of OpenSRP apps, method of data analysis, development of questionnaires, as well as provide training and coaching related to the apps to the health workers and SID staffs. During the four years of working here, she has been involved in different projects: Summit 10 Years (S10Y), Golden Generation Project (GGP), Evaluation Study of EMAS, and currently Thrive-OpenSRP Project. She graduated from University of Mataram, majored in English Education at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Her field of interest is child developmental psychology. Reading books and watching movies are her favorites.

Research Assistant

Alya Hazfiarini

Alya Hazfiarini is Research Assistant in THRIVE Project – SID and currently officiates as Science Officer. As a science officer, Alya supports the Tech, Data and Field team. She helps on supervising coaching team, development of questionnaires and provides training and coaching activity related to the apps to the health workers and SID staffs. She graduated from Public Health Faculty Airlangga University, majoring Health Policy and Administration.

Data Analyst

Dina Eka Putri

Dina Eka Putri is THRIVE/OpenSRP data analyst. She joined SID in December 2016, right after she received her master degree from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. Together with her Data Team, she makes data speak more by transforming raw data into useful information for a variety of research needs. She manages and analyzes the data using statistical tools and techniques, spots the trends, models the data and interprets the results, provides the reports and all things related to data. Sports, musics, travelling and books are what she enjoys the most, but nothing beats her passion for cooking and kitchen experiments.

Data Analyst

Eka Fitria Damayanti

Eka Fitria Damayanti is the Data Analyst staff for THRIVE Indonesia project. She graduated from Brawijaya University with an S.Si (Bachelor) in Statistics. As a Staff of Data Analysis, she assists the Data Analyst Coordinator to do data cleaning and do analysis which related with THRIVE Indonesia project. She believes that everything that happens to her is the best thing from GOD. She likes are books, poetry, music, and trevelling.

Tech Coordinator

M. Ibrahim Iqbal

Muhammad Ibrahim Iqbal is holder of bachelor degree in electrical engineering, He start working as technical support in S10Y project after few month working he was promoted on bigger role as a programmer on various project on SID ( GGP, EMAS and others), later he was promoted as Tech Coordinator in thrive project. Iqbal currently responsible for managing the programming team in SID and supervising the deliverable executed as well as contributing in deep troubleshooting and issue analysis.


Ahmad Wildan

His hobbies with computers, sports, and traveling. Currently he is developing Facial Recognition for Thrive Project, in order to speed up the search for patient data. Also develop communication between machines to streamline the work of field officers. He loves pecel, coffee and mineral water.

Junior Programmer

Marwan Nulhakam

Marwan Nulhakam is a java front-end programmer on Summit Institute of Development. He responsible of creating a clean and powerful code and maintain the performance and application used by Front Line Health Workers. He currently focusing on Gizi and Vaksinator app development, especially on child growth monitoring (classification of child nutrition and growth chart).

Junior Programmer

Ainul Hamdani

Ainul Hamdani is a Junior Programmer in Summit Institute of Development. He graduated from Mataram University on Electrical Engineering, Information Technology field. He has more than 4 years experience on Web Application Development. Currently he is working for Thrive Indonesia Project, a project that develop OpenSRP, a paperless system for midwife, nutritionist, and vaccinator in Central Lombok. He is also will be joining Karma Project Team as Project Coordinator for Indonesia site. He believes even a small contribution that we give to community will also change the world for better.

Field Coordinator

Emmy Kardinasari

Emmy Kardinasari is the Field Coordinator for THRIVE Indonesia project. She assists field implementation, includes monitoring field work execution and field staff management. She graduated from King’s College London with an M.Sc. in Nutrition. She has huge interest in health study and always eager to contribute for public health improvement. Emmy believes that putting God first is the key to every ease in life. Some of the many things she enjoys are music, books, and photography.

Field Assisstant


Haeranah is currently Field Assisstant for Thrive project in Summit Institute Of Development. Before in Thrive Project,she was a field school-tester for S10Y project and was a Clinical evaluation Team for EMAS(Expanding Maternal and Neonatal Survival) Project. Before joining SID, Haeranah graduated with a Diploma in Midwifery from Mayjen Sungkono University, Mojokerto-Indonesia. Her interest is on Maternal and Neonatal health.

Field Assistant

Dini Arisna

My name is Dini Arisna as Field Assistant for THRIVE Indonesia project. I graduated from Mayjen Sungkono University with a Diploma in Midwifery. I has huge interest in health study and always eager to contribute for public health improvement. I wish one day I can be a good midwife who can improve health sector in Indonesia.

Data Admin

Sari Kirana Restapa

Sari Kirana Restapa, B.Ed. Or commonly known as Ira is Data Admin on THRIVE Project which is now implemented by SID. She is a graduate of Mataram University majoring in Bahasa Indonesia. Everyday she recovers the data obtained from the field and prepare all the needs of the field team related forms required. Previously she also worked as field staff on this project. In addition to this project, she also worked for SID on the S10Y project as Home Visitor and on the EMAS project as Field Evaluation Team. In the office she is known as a talkative person and often laughs so she is called the “most influence people in SID” by one of the staff in the office.

Human Resource

Erni Rahmayanti, BA

Erni Rahmayanti, BA, is the Human Resource of SID. She graduated from Gadjah Mada University, majoring Public Policy and Management. As Human Resource, she helps to performing planning, executing and coordinating the recruitment and selection processes, training, career development, employee and industrial relations, employment law, compliance, disciplinary, turn over, and tracking the performance of SID’s employee periodically and report it to the management. Love to travel with purpose is her motto, so before joining SID she had experience joining some research project in Sangalaki Island, Kalimantan on turtle conservation by WWF and socio-culture research in Tambrauw, West Papua.

Finance Manager

Ardi Gunawan

Ardi Gunawan is currently the Finance Manager for Summit Institute of Development (SID). He manage all the grants and money-related that flows within SID, as well as supervise and monitor the project budgets. He was graduated in Mataram University majoring accounting. He was one of the longest staff in the organization. His favorite food is Rendang and he enjoy cooking.

Logistic and Procurement


Nina Hidayati Amd,Gz

Nina Hidayati Amd,Gz is the Logistic and Procurement staff in SID. She graduated from the Health polytechnic of Mataram with Associate degree in Nutritionist. She joined the SUMMIT Institute of Development in 2013 as a Field Manager of Summit 10 Years (S10Y) Project. This study is a continuation of the Supplementation with Multiple Micro-nutrient Intervention Trial (SUMMIT) which was implemented by the Summit Institute of Development from 2001-2004. In 2015 she joined THRIVE project as a Field project coordinator of the Open Smart Register Platform, An integrated electronic health information system to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes. A multi-site research trial conducted in Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.In 2016 she joined Expanding Maternal and Newborn Survival (EMAS) as a Logistic and Procurement staff.


Dina Martini

Dina Martini is a Graduate of P4M Mataram Department of Computer Office, joined Summit institute of Development first in S10Y project in 2014 as Data Entry and Editor (S10Y) This research is a continuation of Supplementation with Multiple Micronutrient Intervention Trial (SUMMIT), conducted by Summit Institute of Development 10 years ago). Started in 2016 trusted as Staff Administration at Thrive Indonesia Project.