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Meet Our Staff

Inraini Fitria Syah
Senior Research Officer
Inraini Fitria Syah joined SID as Senior Research Officer and currently involved in THRIVE/OpenSRP Project. She graduated from Montclair State University, majoring Community Health Education. She was granted a Prestasi Scholarship by USAID. She loves reading, writing, and Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Beside writing opinions in local newspapers, Inraini got her first novel, Rain in a Grey Zone, published currently.
Ardi Gunawan
Finance Manager
Ardi Gunawan is currently the Finance Manager for SID. He is responsible in managing all the financial issues within SID. He graduated from Mataram University with major in accounting. He joined SID in Summit Project. He joined in SID at 2003 His favorite food is rendang and he enjoys cooking.
Ahmad Rafi Jayakusuma
Science Officer
Rafi has been working as a Research Assistant on THRIVE/OpenSRP project since December 2017. Together with the science team, he monitors the usage of the application by the health workers. He also coordinates quality control of the data collected by the field team. Rafi received his master degree from University of Technology Sydney in Environmental Change Management. Long distance running is one of his favourite activities to do in his spare time.
Resty Asmauryanah Armis
Assistant Science Officer
Resty pursued her undergraduate degree in Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia, majoring in Public Health in 2010-2014 and was granted a scholarship to pursue M.Phil in Health and Society, Newcastle University, United Kingdom (2016-2018). Her master thesis is about the epidemiology of maternal mortality in Indonesia. She is an Assistant Science Officer in THRIVE Project at SID. She is responsible in tracking, reporting, and analyzing the data. As she currently involving in project which is related with her previous interest in maternal health, she hope that she can contribute to make positive impact to the community.
Yusran Lubis
Research Assistant
Yusran Lubis joined SID as a research assistant in THRIVE/OpenSRP project. He is an adventurer that graduated from Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java. He has an experience doing an Internship at Ocean Orchid Company, Slovenia. During the internship he developed the ability to work with multicultural colleagues. He likes traveling, hiking, camping, swimming and snorkeling because for him everything has values and the more you see and do the more values you have. Contributing to the community is one of his goals, one of the reason why he joined SID. “Born with nothing, die with everything” and “When you have more than you need, built a bigger table not a higher fence” are his favorite quotes.
Kevin Kurniawan
Research Assistant
Kevin joined SID as a Research Assistant which involved in THRIVE/OpenSRP Project. He graduated his Degree as Bachelor of Engineering from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya and had a full scholarship from Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. His responsibilities are tracking the project progress periodically, provide science materials required by the project, and develop creative content for the website and SID social media accounts.
Muhammad Abdi Haryono
Field Coordinator
Muhammad Abdi Haryono joined the SID as an Epidemiologist, and started his contribution by holding the responsibility as the Field Coordinator of the THRIVE Project. Graduated from Master of Epidemiology program at Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2016-2018), Abdi plan and execute his career path to be a professional Epidemiologist that work for Indonesian government/WHO. He will be highly excited when working in the field, reading historical books, traveling to far distance nature, and seeking for adrenaline source. Additionally, he loves children and kitten, and really keen on deep sleeping.
Kurniasari Aisyiah
Data Analyst
Kurnia Sari Aisyiah completed her undergraduate study in Statistics at ITS Surabaya in 2016. Ais received a scholarship to get an M.Sc and M.Res degree at Aix-Marseille University, France. Her passion in research led her to join SID as a Data Analyst. She is open minded and likes to discuss. But sometimes, the honesty she has in expressing opinions makes it difficult for her to pay attention to the feelings of the other person she spoke with.
Riski Muda Farsyah
Assistant Science Officer
Muda is an Assistant Science Officer involved in THRIVE/OpenSRP Project since December 2018. He graduated as Bachelor of International Relations from President University, Cikarang, and took his MA degree in the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, in Global Development study. He is an enthusiast in coffee brewing, cats, and basically loves all kind of noodles. His hope is that he can use and implement his knowledge and skill to the betterment of his country.
Dina Martini
Administration and Logistics
Dina Martini is an administration staff at SID and is also responsible for logistics and procurement. Dina graduated of P4M Mataram majoring in Computer Offices. She first joined SID in 2014 as Data Entry and Editor in S10Y project. Her hobby is playing badminton, and has an interest in all types of culinary.
Data Officer
I am a data officer. I like to work with many people, like to interact and increase knowledge. My hobby is adventure, I like to explore. I hope to increase my knowledge, experience and want to learn many things by joining SID.
Nurul Maswa
IT System Administration
Nurul Maswa is currently an IT System Administration at SID. He has a bachelor's degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering Concentration of Computers & Informatics from the National Institute of Technology ( ITN ) Malang. He is responsible for managing the network and as an official SID website administrator.
Sari Kirana Restapa
Data Admin
Sari Kirana Restapa (Ira) is the Data Admin Staff in THRIVE/OpenSRP project. She graduated from Mataram University majoring in Bahasa Indonesia. Previously, she joined SID as as field staff. She was also involved in S10Y project as Home Visitor and in EMAS project as member of field evaluation team.
Poedjihono Djoko Sawolo
Field Assistant
Poedjihono Djoko Sawolo is a Field Assistant for THRIVE/Open SRP Project for North Lombok District. He graduated from Mataram University with major in Management. Since 1992, he has been working for the Community Development and has developed his passion on that field. He is interested in Community Development programs such as economy, education and health.
Rabiatul Ahdawiya
Field Assistant
Rabiatul Ahdawiya, who is familiarly known or called as Wiya, is a Field Assistant for the THRIVE/Open SRP Project for Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara. In this project, she will develop her creativity to get maximum results by working professionally in a team. She graduated in October 2012 from Akbid Bhakti Kencana Mataram, majoring in Midwifery. Wiya started her career and joined SID in 2014 as Home Visit Staff for S10Y Project.
I Made Sugiartha
Data Entry
I Made Sugiartha (Ade) is a Data Entry staff in THRIVE/OpenSRP project. Ade received a bachelor in Nursing from udayana university. He loves to connect with people and give them the best health services. Through joining with SID, he hopes he can continually help people by being involved in building better public health data systems. His hobby is playing basketball, swimming, running, riding bicycle, working out at the gym and playing game online. “No pain no gain,” is his favorite quotes as he likes to do new and challenging things.