THRIVE OpenSRP Project

A trial of the integrated electronic health information system to enhance maternal and neonatal health outcomes.

A multi-site research trial conducted in Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Joining the SUMMIT Institute of Development and the THRIVE Consortium

The Summit Institute of Development (SID) in conjunction with Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and WHO co-ordinated THRIVE consortium are offering exciting opportunities for early-mid career level people interested in pursuing careers in public health, international development, health-IT or any related field. SID is a non-profit research and service delivery organization committed to saving lives through the improvement in health and human development at the community level through participatory evidence-based decision-making and sustainable action. You will join a team of experienced health, education and IT experts to lead the Smart Registry Platform development, scaled deployment and impact assessment in Indonesia.

THRIVE Project Smart Registry Platform

Open Smart Register Platform (OpenSRP) is an adaptable open source mobile health platform that allows frontline health workers to electronically register and track the health of their entire client population. In low- and middle-income countries where physical and human resources can be limited, a digital, mobile platform of client registration and health tracking allows for increased work efficiency and timeliness of essential health service delivery at the ground level, while improving the quality of data used by policymakers for decision-making at the local and national levels.

Led by WHO, the THRIVE Consortium have launched a 5-year, multi-site research study that aims to adapt, implement at scale, and rigorously assess the impact of OpenSRP and related technologies on health system performance, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH) health outcomes and health information systems in multiple countries. OpenSRP was originally developed by WHO, Columbia University, ThoughtWorks, Ona Systems and the Foundation for Research in Health Systems in Karnataka State, India and is currently being piloted in the India-specific Dristhi deployment of the SRP. The SRP consists of a mobile Android application deployed via tablet device for frontline health workers, a server backend, and a web dashboard for monitoring use. Health providers interact with the SRP application via their mobile handsets or tablets while providing health services to clients. The app integrates previously discrete and separate health registries & tools for example: clients registry for enumeration and continuity of care, birth & death registration, electronic forms with embedded logic and decision-support including checklists & algorithms for risk assessment, work planning, scheduling & service reminders tools, vaccination registries and automate reporting into sub-district and national reporting systems.

Project Details: The THRIVE OpenSRP Indonesia platform development, scaled deployment and impact assessment deployment will be conducted over an initial 2-year period, with a planned 3-year full-scale intervention phase to follow. In addition to contributing to the THRIVE SRP project; IT and Field staff will work on other e-Health project involving software development and implementation; including the recently funded Golden Generation Program Integrate community-based early childhood development initiative.

We are seeking applicants for the following job positions:

  1. Study/Project Co-ordinator
  2.        Field Co-ordinator
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Android Developer
  5. Java Back-end Developer

If you have what it takes to be part of our team, please submit your application letter along with resume, copy of supporting documents, recent photograph and copy of ID to:

HR Office of SUMMIT Institute of Development

Jl. Bung Hatta No. 28, Mataram, NTB 823231


and cc-ing to

with THRIVE Code as the subject line.

For further information please open our website